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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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downto >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. let's go! >> angry over cuts and fees, students taking to the streets in downtown san francisco. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. they spent the night outside, now students are picketing, protesting in front of the uc board of regents against proposed fees. >> cbs 5 reporter anne makovec at ucsf. all this and they don't have a fee hike on the table today. >> reporter: that's right. students say they are trying to be pro-active before the regents can start considering their next fee or tuition hike. all is calm here now at ucsf. an unlawful assembly was
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declared an hour and a half ago and protestors moved on peacefully saying they are headed to other universities next. dozens of uc students and employees came to protest outside the meeting at ucsf f this morning blocking streets but the regents weren't discussing a tuition hike. >> the good thing in my view about prop 30 is it allows us in the student and worker movement to now go on the offensive. we are not just protesting against new cuts. we are demanding rollbacks of tuition. >> reporter: prop 30 promises to funnel money into the uc system but how much is still a question. >> even though we're very pleased with the passage of prop 30 we're also reeling from nearly $1 billion in cuts from the state and we raised tuition. that only covered about a third of those cuts. >> reporter: and uc administrators will not rule out another fee or tuition hike in the near future. [ screaming ]
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>> reporter: uc workers are nervous, as well. >> there is that constant worry of possibly something could happen the next year or so, so they claim they may not be funding for this, that and the other thing. >> reporter: they say they have come to mistrust the uc administration about what's coming up next. >> election was last week so we need to see the budget this year and in the coming years. >> reporter: back here live, you can see barriers lined up. police didn't know what to expect but it was peaceful and calm. now, the governor warned the regents this week, to hold back on fee hikes, take a break from that since prop 30 did pass. we'll see how long the regents are able to do so. anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. families in san jose are shocked to find out about a registered sex offender who was
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volunteering at their school. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran explains the twist that may have allowed him to be on campus. >> i put my daughter in this school expecting her to be protected. >> reporter: parents at saint francis cabrini are outraged that a sex offender was at a school event a month ago for the first time. in early october this man 51- year-old mark gurries was volunteering it the elementary festival when someone recognized him as a sex offender and told sheriff's deputies. he told the sheriff's office he had legal permission to be there in the form of a letter from a church official. >> i can't believe he was allowed on campus. >> reporter: that's the question. who signed this so-called form and is it legitimate? >> we want to make sure that the person who signed it exists and give mr.guris permission to
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be on school ground. >> reporter: parents are still waiting for answers. deputies say gurries has been cooperative. >> we're waiting confirmation by church officials to make sure 100% on their end. if they can confirm that this letter is authentic. >> reporter: the school's priest told the "san jose mercury news" he didn't know about the letter until the night of the festival. gurries was convicted in february 2010 of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. deputies say he was not arrested for attending this event because of the so-called letter. california penal code states a registered sex offender is allowed on school property if they have written permission from a school official. in this case if the letter is a fake, gurries will face charges. in san jose, cate caugiran, cbs 5. cbs 5 reached out to the catholic diocese of san jose for comment. our calls have not been returned. two women in marin county
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managed to tight off an armed intruder -- to fight off an armed intruder. the suspect may have stab wounds to his chest. police say the man broke into a san ra figure apartment tuesday night. one victim grabbed the suspect and turned the knife on him. police are looking at nearby hospitals for someone who is seeking medical attention for stab wounds. congress wants to know could last month's attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi be prevented and was there a cover-up? members of the president's national security team are answering questions now on capitol hill. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> reporter: lawmakers are looking for answers about the september 11th attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya that claimed the lives of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> this president and this administration have either been guilty of colossal incompetence or engaged in a cover-up. >> reporter: at closed door
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hearings members of the house and senate intelligence committees are grilling the president's national security team about what happened during the attack and in the days leading up to it. lawmakers are also digging into the administration's public response. several are outraged u.n. ambassadors susan rice said five days after the attack it didn't appear to be preplanned. at his press conference wednesday, president obama defend rice saying she was acting on intelligence briefings she was given. >> when they go after the u.n. ambassador, apparently because they think she's an easy target, then they have a problem with me. >> reporter: acting cia director michael morrell is testifying today. former cia director david petraeus will testify behind closed doors tomorrow. one hearing today is not closed. the house foreign affairs committee is asking experts to offer their assessment of what went wrong. >> it's two months later and
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too little is known about what took place. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will not testify this week. she is scheduled to talk to lawmakers once the state department completes its own investigation. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. oil giant bp has agreed to pay the largest criminal penalty in u.s. history. $4.5billion for the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. 11 people were killed in an oil rig explosion and the resulting oil leak caused severe environmental damage. bp plans to plead guilty to obstruction for lying to congress about how much oil was pouring out of the ruptured well. president obama is seeing the aftermath of superstorm sandy firsthand today. he is touring the damage and checking in on the recovery efforts. shortly after the storm, new york city mayor michael bloomberg asked mr. obama not to come because the presidential visit would use up too many resources. well, now frustrated residents
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say they hope his visit will speed up the recovery process. more than two weeks later thousands are still without power and heat. 47,000 new yorkers have applied for housing help. unemployment requests are at their highest level in 18 months. possibly due to superstorm sandy 439,000 people seeking help. people can claim unemployment if their workplace is closed and they don't get paid. well, michelle, here's good news. drivers can expect a dip in prices at bay area gas stations in the next couple of weeks. aaa says the seasonal switch from the summer to winter blends helps drive down gas prices. drivers are paying an average $3.98 a gallon around the bay area. shows san mateo with the lowest price in the bay at $3.65 a gallon. we have you covered for the cheapest gas prices near you. go to just enter your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your
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neighborhood. everything back to normal after united airlines computer glitch left flights grounded. passengers across the country were stuck in airports and on planes while a system failure was sorted out. it took 45 minutes to fix causing a ripple effect of delays. no flights were canceled. this is the third time in six months the airline has had a major computer outage. reports of death and other serious health problems, the feds want to know is "5-hour energy" safe? >> and you may be good at watching, reading, test,ing and talkin at the same time. the new research that may convince you to unplug and unwind. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we're seeing some clouds now moving into our skies. raindrops may not be far behind. we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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ver the last "5-hour energy" may be linked to serious health issues even death. the feds are looking into 13 deaths over the last four years as well as reports of heart attacks, convulsions and miscarriages. the california poison control board is also looking into the potential dangers of other highly caffeinated drinks. >> and it turns out smartphones can be too smart for our own good. a new study finds media multitasking can lead to depression and social anxiety. studies also show it can slow brain speed and impair long- term memory and concentration. think we're all in trouble. >> ever notice the empty seats did you ever notice the empty seats at sporting events that are supposedly sold out? this week's jefferson award winner did, and as kate kelly reports it gave him an idea. reporter: whether he is on the field or in the bleachers, 17-year-old jack chabolla has been to a lot of sporting events. and that's where he noticed something. >> i saw that there were empty seats.
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but they were saying that the whole stadium was sold out. >> reporter: and just like that, it hit him. why not resell those unused tickets to raise money for charity? >> i knew that companies or just people with season tickets buy up these seats and they just don't go to them sometimes. >> reporter: so last year, jack, a senior at monte vista high in danville, began his own nonprofit, tickets to college, supporting kids who share his dream of higher education but who don't get the same opportunities as he and his classmates get. 100% of his proceeds go to the college's "real" program at richmond high school. >> "college is real" mentors the richmond high school students. it's hard for them to even go through high school day to day with the struggles they have. and that just really touched me. >> we provide resources, motivation, guidance counseling, tutoring to high school kids at richmond high, mostly latino,
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and all low income, to try to get them to be the first in their families to attend college. >> reporter: "college is real" founder brad blake says jack's support of the program goes a long way. >> probably five or six kids are going to be able to go to college that otherwise might not have gone to college. >> reporter: when jack isn't on the football field or in class, he is often sending out e-mails by the hundreds to businesses and organizations asking them for their unused tickets to events. he then turns around and resells them on stubhub or craigslist. so you get things to all different kinds of events. >> i have gotten alameda county fair tickets. >> reporter: giants tickets, musicals, he collects and delivers tickets while still managing senior year classes, college applications and, yes, time for football practice. >> i have loved it. just visiting richmond and seeing how they need this support, it's really touching how i can make a difference.
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>> reporter: so for helping others reach their college goals, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jack chabolla. kate kelly, cbs 5. is. 17, 18 years of age, a non- profit helps people. >> impressive. >> what why you doing at 17, 18? [ laughter ] >> i really can't talk about that. >> you weren't expecting that question. >> i wasn't! [ laughter ] we can see clouds already moving into our skies right now. they will be thickening up toward the afternoon. the temperatures not all that bad. but we have some changes in the works and major changes throughout the weekend. san jose right now 67 degrees. 63 degrees in san francisco. and 62 degrees in oakland. as you look further inland clouds making their way over mount diablo can't even see right now a little hazy out
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there so partly cloudy into the afternoon. more clouds tonight. and a chance of rain late tonight. you better carry that umbrella for the weekend. it's going to be wet off and on. already seeing rain making its way into southern california. the core of the low still remains off the coastline and that's where we are waiting to was by the bay area bringing with it increasing clouds in the afternoon. the ridge of high pressure ushering in some major changes with this storm system here and we have another one developing in the gulf of alaska dropping down, possibly a stronger storm saturday night into sunday. let's roll the computer model forward. more clouds on the way this afternoon but dry through the evening. into tomorrow morning, maybe some showers early on tomorrow. not a full washout just yet, but on and off is the possibility of some rain showers and some stronger up pulses moving in with the system tomorrow night. then it looks like the weekend scattered showers into saturday, and then here comes your next cold front coming out of the gulf of alaska dropping in late saturday night into sunday. so looks like we have a lot of
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moisture coming our way. how about the next 24 hours? well, we'll probably see about a half inch of rain or so into the santa cruz mountains. maybe more in san rafael, lesser amounts in towards san jose but you get the idea, a little soaking come in our direction. temperatures expected to be fairly mild this afternoon. enjoy it. it will be dry out there into the 60s. next couple of days though it starts to get wet. on saturday a chance of showers. i think more rain toward sunday but showery as we look toward the afternoon. and then staying unsettled and possibly wet through monday, tuesday and wednesday. hey, you know what? speak of wet, how about some frozen water? if you want to get out to the ice rink i know a couple of folks out there who will be out there next to me. enjoy. >> we're emceeing the lighting ceremony. >> bring your umbrella. >> and hats and coats. >> thank you. >> 6:00 tomorrow night. >> yes. well, it's going up. he wants to go down. a man escalates this mistake to new heights. what's he doing? we'll explain coming up.
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you see all these turkeys? it's still not enough. i'll take you to the east bay community in need of at least 400 more turkeys by thanksgiving and how you can help. as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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time of year.. with food donations for the holidays.. food banks have o have a big space to store il and keep it fresh.. we all know californians are generous. with food donations for the holidays food banks have ahave
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a big special to store it and keep it fresh. roberta roberta is seeing how they do that, how to keep it fresh. >> reporter: i'm at a brand-new facility with all the dry goods. over here in the refrigerator, linda mckeever executive director of open heart kitchen and perhaps we have a little surprise in the freezer. let's see. oh, scott haggerty supervisor district one, hi, scott. >> had you are you? >> are you a little cold? >> a little cold in there. >> yes, you are. we are here today at the very special day in pleasanton open heart kitchen with some facilitating people in dublin, livermore and pleasanton feeding those in need for years. but a big problem we have had is no place to sort donations so today, voila, brand-new grand opening. linda, tell us about it. >> well, we have collaborated with the city of pleasanton, dublin and livermore and safeway to bring this all to a
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new storage facility for many, many nonprofits in our area. >> scott today a special day for the district. >> we have traditionally since 2007 needed this space and to come together with the cities and safeway, it's been a great experience. it shows what happens when the private sector and the public sector work together. >> what is the greatest need this year? because right down the street is the paragon mall. i saw the line-up for people just trying to spend money. tell me how great the need is for food this year. >> we're short over 400 turkeys and we're also short canned vegetables so it is very large this year. >> reporter: put a face on the need this year. >> we have families, local families, that are in need. they have lost their jobs or the jobs have been cut back to just a few hours or they had to take paycuts. they are great need in this area. >> well, you just heard it and we have also heard a great need of the children. their school lunches and all that food comes from the brand- new warehouse in pleasanton feeding those in dublin, livermore and pleasanton for
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open heart kitchen. for more information go to"newslinks." >> thank you. i'm glad you let them out of the freezer. [ laughter ] cbs 5 is kick off our annual "food for bay area families" holiday drive. as roberta just told us about of the need is greater than ever. and if you wish to give, you can go to or check out the easy way to donate with the whole foods grab and give program. we'll be right back. stay right there. ,, card hassles?
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especially in california. te new link between certain fle retardants to yet another concern: developmental probs in children. that story ande it's a chemical found everywhere especially here in california. the link between flame retardants and developmental problems in children. that and more at 5:00. we hung out with a really "cool school" this week. the kids at valley christian high school, they showed us how they teamed up with the school halfway around the world in china and now there are two bands making music together. they were selected to perform in front of millions at the tournament of roses parade. pretty cool. we want to know what's cool about your school. just submit your nomination on our website, and frank or i might come out and hang out for a day and feature the school on the show. >> yeah. >> remember going the wrong way down the escalator as a kid?
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>> this man has taken it to new heights. a british tv producer shot this picture. man struggling to ride the skater at the london tube station. they couldn't help him. love it. he may have had a pint or two before he got on the escalator. have a good day. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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